Office Access Control System

Multiple ways to control office access, enhancing office safety security and employee attendance management.

cloud based
edge computing
multiple ways control
3 ways
multiple offices control
Multi-site management
HR system Concatenation
hr system concatenation

Highly Accurate 
Recognition Rate

  • Facial recognition accuracy reaches up to 99.5%.
  • High recognition rate of 95% even with mask wearing.
  • Simultaneous temperature measurement during recognition with high-temperature alert.

Hardware Performance Optimization

  • Optimized for mainstream CPUs.
  • Optimized for GPU, VPU, and SoC.
  • Allows flexibility for motherboard replacement.

and Device 

  • Supports various operating systems including Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.


Ranked among the top 10 facial recognition technologies globally in the NIST FRVT (Facial Recognition Vendor Test) for 1:1 and 1:N face recognition testing.

Multiple Access Control Modes and Intelligent Notifications

Our intelligent cloud-based access control management system offers various access modes, visitor entry modes, and configuration options. It can be integrated with communication software to provide real-time push notifications and alerts.

Multiple Visitor Entry Ways
  • Password entry
  • Remote door opening
Visitor Registration
  • One-day registration
  • Same-day visitor
  • Event registration
  • New employees
  • Permanent vendors, etc.
Push Notifications and Alerts
  • Normal recognitio
  • AI notification
  • Stranger notification

Visitor Registration
  • Individual notifications
  • Group notifications

AI Cloud Management System

AI Cloud Managament System
access control management system

Enhancing Management Efficiency and Safety Security

For Management
  • Suitable for multi-site management, both domestically and internationally
  • Communication software push notifications for convenient real-time communication
  • Direct integration with HR systems for easy attendance management

For Operations
  • Reducing operational costs( ID card is no longer needed)
  • Front-end facial recognition, back-end cost-effective management
  • Simple and efficient equipment: Easy installation and maintenance

For Configurations
  • Rapid deployment in cloud environment
  • Robust data security and backup measures
  • Separation of front-end and back-end systems; customizable UI/UX
  • Provides Public API for integration purposes.

Hardware Specification

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