Construction Site Access Control

It’s a total solution for protecting industrial workers, machinery, facilities, structures, and the environment, and also a more efficient way to improve industrial safety and management.

plate recognition
Vehicle Access Control
  • Plate Recognition
  • Unregistered List
  • Line Notify 
face recognition
Personnel Access Control
  • Face Recognition
  • List setting (blacklisting / whitelisting)
  • Health Check (forehead temperature / helmet alarm)
  • Line Notify
Intelligent Fences System
  • Invade alarm
  • Body Shape Trigger Alarm
  • Smart Tracker 
  • Line Notify
Access Control Data
  • Site Office Monitor
  • Subcontractor Attendance Record
  • Exception Notification
Time lapse Video/Photo Export
  • Construction Site Time Lapse Recording
  • Photo shoot for Select area
  • Photo/Video Export

Cloud Based Date
  • Access data Anytime, Anywhere
  • Data Integrate with HR Management System
  • Remote Monitoring


time saving
Time Saving

Apply Fast and Easy. It takes only two weeks from designing to applying. Easy Setting, no IT man required.

money saving
Money Saving

Lower Price, Higher Quality. Ai intelligent management solution based on the cloud, integrating system and hardware such as tablet/pad, access gate, and camera.


Customized systems and UI/UX apply to all devices and platforms.

AI Cloud Managament System

AI Cloud Managament System
access control management system

Enhancing Management Efficiency and Security

For Management
  • Suitable for multi-site management, both domestically and internationally
  • Communication software push notifications for convenient real-time communication
  • Direct integration with HR systems for easy attendance management

for operations
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Front-end facial recognition, back-end cost-effective management
  • Simple and efficient equipment: Easy installation and maintenance

For configurations
  • Rapid deployment in cloud environment
  • Robust data security and backup measures
  • Separation of front-end and back-end systems; customizable UI/UX
  • Provides Public API for integration purposes

Hardware Specification

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